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You feel home because is a very happy place, you will come to class as an student or parent and you will learn new things, and you all have a good time. Very good coordination of the instructors. Well organized, well clean.
Keila Michelle Barreto-Ortiz
Master Yun is a great teacher. The Staff was also very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone was happy to help, if the kids needed some extra help on their form or a complicated kick. Very positive and patient with the kids. The kids had a great time, made lots of new friends, improved their coordination and helped with their behavior. A great experience. We totally recommend them.
Amanda KeeNan
Columbia Taekwondo and Master Yun and his staff have unmatched skills in communication, listening, adaptability, empathy and patience. Their expertise and knowledge with our son is wonderful; caring and kind but also firm. The program is fantastic for young children to work on taking direction as well as learning and practicing respect all while exercising & perfecting their gross motor skills. Our son loved making new friends and applying his new abilities. We truly love their program and can’t recommend it enough to all parents who are in search of a sport and activity that teaches so many essential qualities to young children.
Jessica Newman
For the past 3 years, Columbia TKD has helped my son develop his coordination, self-control, and confidence. Master Yun is very patient and a wonderful teacher for the kids (at every age level)! The classes not only work on the physical skills of TKD but they also work on listening, respect, and focus - all of which are necessary in outside the school. And the rest of the staff are always available for assistance and encouragement. This is a great outlet for kids with lots of extra energy!
Yana Dushko

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