Whenever we ask our students what comes in cans?

I get some very typical answers – soda, corn, beans, carrots, soup, dog food etc.

When they are out of suggesting what items come in cans, we give them our answer. I tell the students that while their answers are all correct, as Martial Arts students the answer that we want them to think about can be used throughout their life.

I speak slowly and emphasize that success comes in cans. I give them a moment to reflect on what I just said. At first the students have this this blank look on their faces because they are still thinking about physical “cans”.

I then explained to them that in order to be successful you need to be able to use the word I “”CAN”.  You achieve success by saying: I can do my homework, I can stay out of trouble, I can go to bed on time, I can study for my test, and a few other examples.

At this point there is a flick of recognition as they start catching on to what it is that is being discussed with them.

It is explained that all the “cans” that we just talked about turns into “WILL” such as I WILL my homework,  I WILL stay out of trouble, I WILL listen to mom and dad, I WILL get good grades.

Then the final concept is that those WILLs turn into I DID. I did stay out of trouble, I did listen to mom and dad, I did get good grades.

And we finish the class up by having the students repeat after me.

I can get good grades
I can behave
I can listen to mom and dad
I can listen to dad and mom
I can do whatever I set my mind to
I can be successful
I can finish what I begin
I can become a black belt

So next time our students think about what comes in cans, they will know that more than just food and drinks can come in cans!


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